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  Spring Festival couplet


  The Spring Festival couplet also to spring posts, accusation, couplet, subsidiary, TaoFu etc, it with neatly and dual, concise, exquisite words describe background, to express good wishes, is China's unique form of literature.


  Every Chinese New Year, no matter the city or the country, every family to select a pair of bright red stick in the Spring Festival couplets on the door, increase for the festival festival atmosphere.


  This custom up in song dynasty, in the beginning in the Ming dynasty, the qing dynasty, the Spring Festival couplet ideological content and artistic quality has improved a lot.


  The type of Spring Festival couplets is more, according to its use place, can be divided into the door of heart, box, etc.


  "The door heart" stuck on the door at the top central place;


  "Box to" stick around in two posts;


  "HengPi" stuck on the door the crossbar of mei.


  Posted DaoTie grilles and "fu" character


  In the Spring Festival couplet at the same time, some people in the door to, the walls, signage pasted greatly small "f" word.


  The Spring Festival is stuck "fu" character, is our country folk customs of has a long history.


  "F" word refers to the blessing, good fortune, showing the people to the happy life yearning, the wishes for a bright future.


  In order to fully reflect the yearning and wishes, some people simply will "fu" character topsy-turvy stick, said "happiness has to" "blessing has to".


  Folk and will "fu" character essence made all sorts of design of draw fine, design has the birthday girl, peach, carp jump the goal, the grain and multiply it, and ChengXiang dragon, etc.




  The Spring Festival pictures hang stick in urban and rural areas are popular, heavy variety of New Year paintings to thousands of ach adds many thriving of joy festival atmosphere.


  New Year pictures is our country's an old folk art, reflect the people's simple customs and beliefs, entrusts they hope for the future.


  Pictures, also and the Spring Festival couplet, originated in the "door".


  With the rise of board printing, the content of the pictures are not limited to goalkeeper, has the theme of the drab, becomes rich and colorful, in some New Year pictures workshop produced the fu lu shou three map ", "TianGuan blessed", "for the grain and make it plentiful", "LiuChu prosperous", "early spring meet f" and so on the classic color pictures, to meet people festival good wishes of prayer.


  Our country New Year paintings appeared three important origin: suzhou TaoHuaWu, tianjin and shandong weifang YangLiuQing;


  Formed the Chinese New Year pictures of the three schools, each has its own characteristics.


  Our country nowadays, our country the first collection of the southern song dynasty pictures "with a gentle and graceful in country looks out of woodcarving pictures, paint is wang zhaojun, zhao fly, class and green beads's four ancient beauty.


  The most popular folk is a picture of the mouse was "New Year paintings.


  Describes the mice in accordance with the custom of the world his bride interesting scenes.


  The early republic of China, Shanghai will ZhengManTuo calendar and New Year pictures both together.


  This is a new form of pictures.


  This GeErErYi New Year paintings, later developed into a calendar, swept the country so fa

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